Sunday, November 27, 2011

Complaint about Installation of illegal Air Conditions (Purchased by money earned from corruption) in the cabin of Sr. Police Inspectors & S.D.P.O.

Ashok S. Verma
(R.T.I. & Social Activist)
G-2, Green Park, Vartak Collage Road,
Shastri Nagar, Vasai Road (West),
Dist. Thane, Maharashtra, 401202, INDIA.
Phone No. : 0091-250-2341000/2000
Fax No. : 0091-250-2345000
Mobile No. : 9320475000
Email Id.:

1. The Director General of Police, Maharashtra
Police head quarter, Colaba, Mumbai -400001.

2. The Director Anticorruption Bureau of Maharashtra
Lower Parel, Mumbai

Sub. : Complaint about Installation of illegal Air Conditions (Purchased by money earned from corruption) in the cabin of Sr. Police Inspectors & S.D.P.O. across the Maharashtra Specially At Manikpur Police Station, Under Thane Rural Police.

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Kindly register my complaint against all Sr. Police Inspector /S.D.P.O. of all police Stations/ offices, who are using illegal air conditions in their cabins without obtaining permission from appropriate authority, and also that Air Conditions are been purchased by money earned by way of corruption.

Please note that I have received information by using R.T.I. Act. Whereby Sr. P.I. Manikpur Police Station has accepted that Cabin has Air Condition but fails to disclose mode of purchase of the same. He informs in his letter that air condition was installed by his predecessors for protection of Computer and Fax, in fact the illegal air condition is installed in the cabin of Sr. P. I. Mr. Chandra Kant Jadhav and there is no computer and Fax inside the cabin, these items are outside of the cabin and same position of the cabin of S.D.P.O. Vasai.

Because of this, all the Sr. P.I. & S.D.P.O. are not doing field duty appropriately and comforting their selves in the cabin with illegal Air Conditions as a result of which crime rate are growing. The police stations are recording less crime by avoiding to register the crime. In fact, only 50% crimes are being registered. On the other hand all Judicial Magistrates & additional district Judges are sitting in their cabins without Air Conditions.

I hope you will register the F.I.R. and will seize all illegal Air Conditioners and will prosecute all officers who have either installed Air Condition or, are using the illegal Air Conditions, and recover the amount of electric bill which is paid by department for running illegal Air Conditions from the guilty officers.

In the interest of Nation
Ashok S. Verma (Complainant)

Place: Vasai

Date: 26/11/2011.

C.C. to, for necessary action in the matter:

1. The Principal Secretary Home, Govt. of Maharashtra, Mantralay, Mumbai-400032.
2. The chief Secretary, Govt. Of Maharashtra, Mantralay, Mumbai-400032.
3. The Lokaayukt, Maharashtra State, New administrative Bldg. Mantralay, Mumbai-400032.
4. The Hon’ble Chief Justice of Bombay High Court, Mumbai.

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