Thursday, August 10, 2017

Notice for Agitation & one day Hunger Strike on 15/08/2017 at the Office of Addl. S.P. Vasai, Maharashtra, India

  Ashok S. Verma,
Anil M. Chavan,
Sumit V. Dongre,
 & Others
(Social & RTI Activist)
Manavata foundation
B-2, Green Park C. H. S. Ltd.
Vartak College Road, Shastri Nagar,
 Vasai Road (West) – 401202
Mobile: 9320475000


1.  The Spl. Inspector General of Police
Konkan Range, Konkan Bhawan,
CBD Belhapur, New Mumbai

2.  The Director General of Police,
        Maharashtra State,
        Police Head Quarter,
        Colaba, Mumbai – 400001

3.  The Secretary Home,
Department of Home,
Home Ministry, Govt. Of Maharashtra,
Mantralay, Mumbai – 400032

4.  The Chief Secretary,
Government of Maharashtra,
Mantralay, Mumbai – 400032.

Reference:  a) Application dated 01/06/2016 for
                      Registration of F.I.R. addressed to Sr. P.I.
                        Manikpur Police Station, Taluka Vasai,
                        District Palghar;

                     b) Email dated 02/06/2016 complaint for 
                         Incomplete registration of F.I.R. No. 142 /  
                         2016 Manikpur Police Station District
                         Palghar addressed to various Police officers
                         and others;

                                c) Notice dated 15/06/2016 to initiate legal
                                     (Criminal) and disciplinary action

                                d) Request letter dated 20/12/2016  
                                    addressed to the Sr. P.I. traffic by
                                    Manavata Foundation….

                                e) And other correspondences in this regards 

Sub.: Notice for one day Agitation & Hunger Strike on 15/08/       2017 at about 11.00 am onwards at the office of the Additional Superintendent of Police Vasai for not carrying proper investigation of offences under FIR No. I 142 / 2016 pending at Manikpur Police station and above referred matters, as well as no disciplinary action against guilty officers for not Registering F.I.R. and against unethical activities being promoted by Vasai Taluka Police especially by Manikpur Police, and not taking steps to resolve traffic problems and not following the principles of Equality before Law (fundamental rights Guaranteed to the Citizen of India by the Constitution of India)…….

Dear Sir/Madam,

With reference to the above and in continuation to the Hunger strike dated 26/01/2017 at the office of the S. P. Palghar, and as per the fundamental rights guaranteed under Article 19 of the Constitution of India, we all hereby give a notice for peaceful agitation & one day hunger strike at the office of the Additional Superintendent of Police Vasai, Vasant Nagari, Vasai Road (East) on 15.08.2017 at 11.00am onwards for following reasons:

1.  After a long and hard struggle by Informant, an incomplete F.I.R. no. I 142/2016 was registered under section 337, 338 of IPC on 01.06.2016 in respect of Incident that occurred on 31/05/2016 on Gutter at Anand Nagar, Near Platform no. 1 Vasai Road Station (West).

2.  That the then Sr. P.I. Manikpur police station Shri. Ranjit Pawar failed to take cognizance for offences under section 406, 420, 34 of IPC and section 13 of Corruption Act.

3.   That after a hunger strike in front of the office of the S.D.P.O. Vasai, Section 406, 420, 34 of IPC were added in the above said F.I.R. and it was assured in writing that section 13 of Corruption Act shall be included after investigation.

4.  That the Informant fully co-operated (for instance drafting questions to be asked the V.V.C.M.C. and Western Railway) to the Investigation officer Mr. Shinde P.S.I. Manikpur Police station, and Informant also suggested that the Material be sent for Examination at IIT Mumbai located at Powai.

5.  That the questions were sent to the concerned by Manikpur Police but no documents were produced. However, Local political pressure and black Money was paid to the Police officers to not act on accused as well as to not arrest. And the Manikpur Sr. P.I. along with I.O. sent Shri. Nitin Vanmali an employee of Vasai Virar City Municipal Corporation (V.V.C.M.C.) and Jr. of Mr. Rajesh Gharat and Mr. Borse (Prime Accused) and other to settle the matter by paying some black money, the informant denied the same and informed them that no compromise is possible of what so ever nature.

6.  That then the I.O. told (as per instruction of his senior police officers) me (informant) on Phone that they do not have the documents. Then informant asked him whether they have followed procedure applicable to destroy the public Documents, and charge them under Section 201 of IPC and not only this the Informant suggested to take cognizance for illegal parking charges being collected without any tender or License, and contractor, officers & Nagarsevek of V.V.C.M.C. are looting this money for themselves. Not only this but also the Material so collected for investigation was sent to the P.W.D. (who do not have infrastructure for such investigation) in spite of my (Informant) suggestion to Send the same to I.I.T. Powai.

7.  That the Manikpur Police are involved in leaking steps of the investigation followed by preventive suggestions in order to save the accused.

8.  That the Sr. Officers connected to Manikpur Police are collecting Hafta from the accused Contractor, Engineer Mr. Choudhary, Mr. Gharat and Mr. Borse and giving them freedom to move in spite of they being  clearly guilty of the offences involved  in above said F.I.R and incident.

9.  That in spite of more than one year has been passed from the date of registering F.I.R. no progress is shown in investigation or no accused has been arrested in the matter but Police officers connected to this case are collecting big Haftas as corruption money and Manikpur Police is involved in the promoting unethical business and collecting Haftas from criminals, as such renovation of Manikpur police station was carried out by the Money of a builder who is also accused of Murder and forgery, and Manikpur police station failed to arrest him for years due to payment of money in spite of having knowledge of his location by Manikpur Police and LCB. However, the Malad Police has arrested the said builder within a week from the registration of F.I.R. in their police station.

10.    That the Vasai Taluka police failed to honor the Order & direction of Hon’ble Supreme court of India given in the matter of Lalita Kumari as well as in the matter of Arnesh Kumar. And we have no hesitation in saying that officers of Vasai Taluka are in club in hand with Mafiayas and politicians and collecting black money by promoting illegal & unethical Business and investing their black money with chawl Mafiyas and Builders, like Surendra Shivde P.S.I. and others have done.

11.    That Manavata Foundation has also requested to the then Sr. P. I. Traffic Vasai Shri. Ranjit Pawar by writing letter dated 20/12/2016 about traffic problem and newly installed signals problem and also suggested few changes in traffic movement in the large interest of General public but he failed to consider or discuss on the issue with us in spite of several visits and requests to them.

12.    That the Traffic department is only harassing the poor and common public by charging them for three seats, signal breaking or unauthorized parking and on other hand collecting Haftas for car show rooms for illegal parking on roads and Riksha owners by over loading passengers and also kept mum of collecting illegal parking charges by Mafiya without any Valid contract by V.V.C.M.C. and being shared with officers & Nagarsevak of V.V.C.M.C., and police officers.

 Now my following issues are to be considered and may be answered accordingly;

a)   Whether the Police officers who are having information about occurrence of cognizable offence are not duty bound to take cognizance of such crime? Thus are they not guilty of violation of Section 154 Cr. P.C.  And departmental circular issued in this regard?

b)  Whether the above mentioned police officers have not committed offences under section 166, 217 & 218 of Indian Penal Code 1860?

c)   Whether the above mentioned Police officers are not guilty of the contempt of the Court as per judgment passed by Hon’ble Supreme Court in the matter of Lalita Kumari Vs. Government of Uttar Pradesh as well as in the matter of Arnesh Kumar?

d)  Whether only common man is Law breaker, and Mafiays, local Politicians and Officers & contractors of VVCMC, Car show room owners, Dalals of Riksha owners, and illegal parking operators are above the Law that is why police is shielding them? If not, then kindly identify those police officers of Vasai Taluka and prosecute them for shielding criminals and not discharging their basic duties etc. followed by disciplinary action on them.

Therefore it is our humble request to all of you to ensure proper investigation of above said F.I.R. and accused may be arrested immediately. And the guilty police officers may be identified and must be charged under IPC and Corruption Act followed by disciplinary action. And Traffic problem may be resolved accordingly as well as illegal & unethical business may be shut down in the large interest of General Public in order to maintain rule of Law and want of Justice so that general public may feel rule of law and image of police may be recovered as good police department. If the Police administration failed to consider above said request then we may further proceed for continuation of agitation in order to bring rule of law in Vasai Taluka…..

We hope your good office will do the needful in time bound manner & oblige.

Thanking You,

Yours faithfully,
Ashok S. Verma
Anil M. Chavan
Sumit V. Dongre

Place: Vasai
Date: 09/08/2017

Copy to; with request to take necessary action in the matter:

1.  The Sr. P. I. Manikpur Police Station, Vasai Road (West).

2.  The Sr. P. I. Tulinj Police Station, Nalasopara (East).

3.  The Sr. P.I. Virar Police Station

4.  The Sr. P.I. Nalasopara Police Station

5.  The Sr. P.I. Waliv Police Station

6.  The Sr. P.I. Vasai Police Station

7.  The Sr. P.I. Costal Police Station, Agashi

8.  The Sr. P.I. Traffic Police Vasai

9.  The S.D.P.O Vasai, Vasai Road (West).

10.              The S.D.P.O. Nalasopara

11.              The Additional Superintendent of Police Vasai, Vasai   
                 Road (East)

12.              The Superintendent of Police, Plaghar,

13.              Hon’ble 3rd Judicial Magistrate First Class, Vasai

14.              The Executive Magistrate & Tahsildar, Vasai

15.              The District Collector Palghar, Maharashtra
16.              The Hon’ble Home Minister of Government of   
         Maharashtra, Mantralay, Mumbai -400032.

17.              The Hon’ble Chief Minister of Government of  
        Maharashtra, Mantralay, Mumbai -400032.

18.              The Hon’ble Home Minister government of India, North
         Block, Parliament House, New Delhi – 110001.

19.              The Hon’ble Prime Minister, Government of India,  
        South Block, Parliament House, New Delhi – 110001.

20.              The Hon’ble State Human Right Commission,
         Maharashtra, Mumbai

21.              The Hon’ble National Human Right Commission of

         India, New Delhi – 110001.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Illegal act of Palghar Police...

Dear Sir/Madam,

Just now I have received information that Tulinj Police is on the way to give clean chit to criminal P.S.I. Shivade under the instruction from Smt. Sharda Raut, Superintendent of Police Palghar, Shri. Anil Akade, Sub. Divisional Police Officer Vasai, Mr. Prakash Birajdar, Sr. P.I. Tulinj Police Station in the matter of Kidnapping …………..of Mr. Aditya V. Dongre for which they are also taking false and forceful statement from alleged / fake people as eye witnesses. Since Shivde is most corrupt police officer working for goons and Mafiya of Vasai Taluka. And Shivde is biggest contributor of black money payer to his senior Police Officers in the Kokan Range. That is why he is working more than his authorized tenure in the area.

It is also come to my knowledge that Shivde thrown a big party at a big venue to Mafiyas, land grabbers, Police officers and goons after his suspension was revoked and very soon I may be in position to release photographs of the said Party.
On the basis of false and fabricated statement of alleged eye witnesses the Police may give clean chit to Shivde to vitiate the purpose of the notice dated 15/06/2016 addressed to The D.G.P. Maharashtra, Secretary Home, Maharashtra, and the Chief Secretary Maharashtra for the action against Police officers mentioned therein.

From the above mentioned act of the police it cannot be denied they are taking revenge with me for fighting against them as per law because the Palghar police enforces law most unlawfully.  For criminals in police uniform it enforces a particular self-made illegal set of laws and for civilians it uses another set of laws and rules which are in contradistinction to the laws framed by the legislatures and directions of the courts of India.

Accordingly if anything happens to my life, liberty and dignity (Accident, Murder or False cases or any such other act) then officers mentioned in the notice dated 15/06/2016 shall be held responsible.

Lastly, after receiving the information mentioned herein above I am totally of the opinion that Palghar police will not take action as per Cr. P.C. and I.P.C. And therefore for the want of justice, I am forced to consider filing writ petition under Article 226 of the Constitution of India, before the Hon’ble High Court Bombay.

We once again request you all to take cognizance of offence disclosed by me and register F.I.R. of Mr. Aditya Dongre against P.S.I. Shivde and 8 others. And follow the provisions of Cr.P.C. and guidelines issued by Hon’ble Supreme Court as well as honor the circular issued by your own department in this respect. And also protect family of Mr. Aditya from Palghar Police and their goons.

Ashok S. Verma