Sunday, November 13, 2011

Application for Obtaining Information under the Right to Information Act.

Application for Obtaining Information under the Right to Information Act.

The Public Information Officer
& Dy. S. P. Home ( Thane Rural Police)
Office of the Superintendent Of Police,
Thane Rural Police, Thane Maharashtra.

1) Full name of the Applicant : Ashok S. Verma ,
2) Address : G-2, Green Park, Vartak Collage
Road, Shastri Nagar, Vasai Road (West), Dist.
Thane, Maharashtra, 401202
Mobile No. : 9320475000

3) Particulars of Information Required: I. What action has been taken by the
S.P. Thane Rural Police in the case
No. 496/13/30/2011 of National
Human Right Commission, New
Delhi, dated 19/04/2011 along with copy of
the same.

II. Why Ex. Sr. P.I. Manikpur Mr.
Ashok Pawar is not suspended till
date inspite of Guilty report are
against him, and tell the Name &
designation of capable police Officer
who can take displinary action on Sr.

III. Copy of the Transfer Order of Ashok
Pawar Ex. Sr. P.I. Manikpur From
Manikpur to Thane along with
Application written By Mr. Ashok
Pawar For transfer.

IV. What action has been taken by S.P.
Thane Rural Police on the
Complaint dated 10/01/2011 under
Sec. 154 (3) Cr.P.C. filel by my self
along with affidavit dated
07/01/2011 signed before Exe.
Magistrate, Vasai. Please provide
Copy of the same.

V. Please provide investigation Reports
along with copy of evidence in F.I.R.
No. I 49/2008 , I 170/2010 and I
130/2011 of Manikpur Police Station,
Under Thane Rural Police.

4) Subject Matter of Information: As Above

(i) The Period To Which Information Relates : From The Date 01-01-
2008 to till date

(ii) Description of the Information Required : As Above With Copy Of
The Same

(iii) Whether Information Required By Post Or In person : In person

(iv) In Case By Post : N.A.

a. Whether The Applicant is Below Poverty Line : No

b. Reason For Information : For Legal Purpose

Date: 14/11/2011
Place: Vasai Ashok S. Verma

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