Sunday, November 13, 2011

Application for Obtaining Information under the Right to Information Act.

Application for Obtaining Information under the Right to Information Act.

The Public Information Office,
Vasai Virar Shahar Mahanagar Palika,
Navghar-Manikpur Vibhag
Vasai Road (West),
Dist Thane, Maharashtra, 401202

1) Full name of the Applicant : Ashok S. Verma
(Social & R.T.I. Activist)

2) Address : G-2, Green Park, Vartak Collage
Road, Shastri Nagar, Vasai Road (West),
Dist. Thane, Maharashtra, 401202
Phone No. : 0250-2341000/2000
Fax No. : 0250-2345000
Mobile No. : 9320475000

3) Particulars of Information Required : I. What is being constructed on
plot No. 24 Sarve No.37 , New
sarve No. 206 of Diwanman Tal.
Vasai , Dist. Thane? Please
provide site plan & project plan
duly authorized by competent

II. Please provide full tender

III. How many Quotations in
respect of above
said tender have been received
by Vasai Virar Shahar
Mahanagar Palika with name
& address of the Parties ?
Please provide Copy of the

IV. Please provide copy of Work

V. Please also give the name &
designation with full residence
address of officers , Engineers,
Contractors and Nagar Sewak ,
(Public Servants ) Who will be
responsible if any irregularity /
Corruption will be reported or
found as per tender / Work order
? as there are irregularities are
being done.

VI. Give the copy of Agenda and
copy of Minutes of Mahasabha
of Vasai Virar Sahar
Mahanagar Palika in respect of
above said work.

VII. whether contractors are
permitted to raise independent
Society’s Wall and show it as it
is built by them ?

VIII. Whether Vasai Virar
Mahanagar Palika entered in to
any M.O.U. for using walls of
Independent Soc. Give the copy
of same if any?

IX. Please provide copy of full
documents of land acquiring for
above said work. And area of the
PROPERTY with boundaries. With
tile documents of the plot.
4) Subject Matter of Information: As Above

(i) The Period To Which Information Relates : From The Date 1-1-
1980 to Till date.

(ii) Description of the Information Required : As Above With Copy Of
the Same

(iii) Whether Information Required By Post Or In person : In person

(iv) In Case By Post : N.A.

5) Whether The Applicant is Below Poverty Line : No

6) Reason For Information : For Legal Purpose

Place: Vasai

Ashok S. Verma

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