Thursday, June 16, 2016

Illegal act of Palghar Police...

Dear Sir/Madam,

Just now I have received information that Tulinj Police is on the way to give clean chit to criminal P.S.I. Shivade under the instruction from Smt. Sharda Raut, Superintendent of Police Palghar, Shri. Anil Akade, Sub. Divisional Police Officer Vasai, Mr. Prakash Birajdar, Sr. P.I. Tulinj Police Station in the matter of Kidnapping …………..of Mr. Aditya V. Dongre for which they are also taking false and forceful statement from alleged / fake people as eye witnesses. Since Shivde is most corrupt police officer working for goons and Mafiya of Vasai Taluka. And Shivde is biggest contributor of black money payer to his senior Police Officers in the Kokan Range. That is why he is working more than his authorized tenure in the area.

It is also come to my knowledge that Shivde thrown a big party at a big venue to Mafiyas, land grabbers, Police officers and goons after his suspension was revoked and very soon I may be in position to release photographs of the said Party.
On the basis of false and fabricated statement of alleged eye witnesses the Police may give clean chit to Shivde to vitiate the purpose of the notice dated 15/06/2016 addressed to The D.G.P. Maharashtra, Secretary Home, Maharashtra, and the Chief Secretary Maharashtra for the action against Police officers mentioned therein.

From the above mentioned act of the police it cannot be denied they are taking revenge with me for fighting against them as per law because the Palghar police enforces law most unlawfully.  For criminals in police uniform it enforces a particular self-made illegal set of laws and for civilians it uses another set of laws and rules which are in contradistinction to the laws framed by the legislatures and directions of the courts of India.

Accordingly if anything happens to my life, liberty and dignity (Accident, Murder or False cases or any such other act) then officers mentioned in the notice dated 15/06/2016 shall be held responsible.

Lastly, after receiving the information mentioned herein above I am totally of the opinion that Palghar police will not take action as per Cr. P.C. and I.P.C. And therefore for the want of justice, I am forced to consider filing writ petition under Article 226 of the Constitution of India, before the Hon’ble High Court Bombay.

We once again request you all to take cognizance of offence disclosed by me and register F.I.R. of Mr. Aditya Dongre against P.S.I. Shivde and 8 others. And follow the provisions of Cr.P.C. and guidelines issued by Hon’ble Supreme Court as well as honor the circular issued by your own department in this respect. And also protect family of Mr. Aditya from Palghar Police and their goons.

Ashok S. Verma

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