Saturday, February 5, 2011

Some Thing To be done to Remove corruption (Please Comment & write to the Prime Minister Of India, Email ID is : )

1) Remove Bombay Police act as it is violating article 19 of constitution of India.( as govt. Machinery is misusing the provision of the act to silent legal voice & rights of common man)

2) Remove section 19 Prevention of Corruption Act as well as Sec. 197 of Cr.Pc. as it against Preamble of Constitution of India. Or Declare Corruption Is legal

3) Remove All protections given to Public Servants for prosecution as per law as they are acting as successor of East India Company & Hitler from whom our freedom fighter got freedom by scarifying their lives. Or declare them King In place Of Public Servants.

4) Make answerable to the public servants towards Common Man, as the desire theme of constitution are same.

5) Make Provision to get feeling of freedom to the Common Man. Like while Rejecting any application Filed by a Common Man They Must Give Reason within Justified Time Why They Are Rejecting the Same, If fail They Must Be punished.

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