Monday, July 25, 2011

Indefinite Hunger Strike Before all of You at Janter – Manter New Delhi from 15/08/2011 at 11.00 A.M. Onwards for following demands.

Ashok S. Verma
G/6-7, Prashant Co-op. Hsg. Soc. Ltd.
Near Gayatri Temple, Om Nagar, Vasai Road (West),
Dist. Thane, Maharashtra, 401202.
Mobile No. 9320475000.
Date: 13/06/2011

1. Hon’ble Chief Justice of India
Supreme Court of India
New Delhi – 110001.

2. Hon’ble Registrar General
Supreme Court of India
New Delhi – 110001.

3. Hon’ble National Human Right Commission
New Delhi – 110001.

4. Hon’ble Prime Minister of India
Govt. Of India, South Block,
Parliament House, New Delhi – 110001.

5. Hon’ble Chief Minister of Maharashtra
Govt. of Maharashtra,
6th floor, Mantralay, Mumbai -400032.

Sub. : Indefinite Hunger Strike Before all of You at Janter – Manter New Delhi from 15/08/2011 at 11.00 A.M. Onwards for following demands.

Dear Sir,

I Ashok S. Verma aged 39 years residing at G/6-7, Prashant Co-op. Hsg. Soc. Ltd., Near Gayatri Temple, Om Nagar, Vasai Road (West), Dist. Thane, Maharashtra, 401202, India, engaged in Business hereby inform you that on 15/08/2011 at about 11.00am I will go on Indefinite Hunger Strike to register my protest against in justice by public authorities as well as to fulfill my Law full demands which are as under:

1) Register F.I.R. against Ex. Sr. P.I. Manikpur Mr. Ashok Pawar along with two constables (Mr. Goelkar Writer to Sr. P.I. & S. S. Wagh) for the charge of corruptions, not discharging their basic duties, criminal conspiracy in theft, And Destroying the Evidence.

2) Suspend Ex. Sr. P. I. Manikpur Police Station with Other Guilty Officers and Proceed as Per Law. (Because S.D.P.O. Vasai, Addl. S.P. Vasai, and S.P. Thane Rural have confirmed in their reports send to their superior officers that Ex. Sr. P. I. is guilty)

3) Initiate Displinary Action against Ex. Sr. P.I. Manikpur Mr. Ashok Pawar, Sr. P.I. Virar Mr. Y.R. Bagwan, P.S.I. Virar Mr. B. S. Pardeshi, and Sr. P.I. Manikpur Mr. Chandrakant Jadhav, Mr. Fateh sing Patil Sr. P.I. L.C.B, Mr. Maruti Khedkar P. S. I. L.C.B. thane Rural Police and S.D.P.O. Vasai Mr. Deepak Devraj for not Registering F.I.R. Within 24 Hours and destroying The Evidences as per Judgment Given By Hon, ble Supreme Court In the case of Lalita Kumari Vs Govt. Of Uttar Pradesh and Ors. Reported in (2008) 7 SCC 164, and by the Full Bench of Hon’ble High Court Bombay in the case of Panchabhai Popat Bhai Butani and Ors. Vs State of Maharashtra And Others, Reported at 2010(1) Mh.L.J. Page No. 421, as well as Circular Issued by Office of the D.G. Law & Order Maharashtra Vide Their Letter No. R-28 Dated 1-9-2008.

4) Start Investigation of FIR No. I 170 of 2010, I 49/2008 and I 130/2011 Of Manikpur through impartial, non-corrupt Police Officer/Any Honest Investigating Agency, as evidences are being destroyed to save Ex. Sr. P.I. Mr. Ashok Pawar as well as other accuseds. And whatever alleged investigation have been done till date it is nothing but an eye wash.

5) Prosecute Or Grant Permission To prosecute below Named Officers From Sr. No.1 To Sr. No.20 For illegal activity , not discharging their Basic Duties, Indulging In to corruption, Committing the crime under Sec. 217,218 Of IPC , and engaged in organized crime Etc. ... As well as involve in Contempt Of order of the Hon'ble Supreme Court Passed in the Matter Of Lalita Kumari V/s Govt. Of Uttar Pradesh and ors Reported I n (2008)7SCC 164, (as they are protecting The Criminals along with guilty Police Officers)

6) Remove Bombay Police act as it is violating article 19 of constitution of India. (As govt. Machinery is misusing the provision of the act to silent legal voice & rights of common man) as well as it is repetition of sec. 144 of Cr. P.C...

7) Remove section19 Prevention of Corruption Act as well as Sec. 197 of Cr. P.C. as it against Preamble of Constitution of India.

8) Remove All protections given to Public Servants for prosecution as per law as they are acting as successor of East India Company & Hitler from whom our freedom fighter got freedom by scarifying their lives.

9) Make answerable to the public servants towards Common Man, as the desire theme of constitution are same.

10) Make Provision to get feeling of freedom to the Common Man. Like while Rejecting any application Filed by a Common Man They Must Give Reason within Justified Time Why They Are Rejecting the Same, If fail They Must Be punished.

Now I say that applicant wrote a Complaint letter to Sr. Superintendent of police Thane rural, Maharashtra as complainant on 1/04/2010 as under:

“Ashok S. Verma
G/6-7, Prashant Co-Op. Hsg. Soc. Ltd.,
Near Gayatri Temple, Om Nagar, Vasai Road (West),
Dist. Thane, Maharashtra, 401202, India

The Sr. Superintendent of Police,
Thane Rural Police,
Dist. Thane,

Sub. : Complaint of Manickpur Police station.

Dear Sir,

I Ashok S. Verma Residing at G/ 6-7, Prashant Co-op. Hsg Soc. Ltd. Near Gayatri Temple, Om Nagar, Vasai Road (West), Dist. Thane, Maharashtra engaged in Business as well as in social activity, On 30/3/2010 At about 9.00 pm I came to know through our supplier Pappu that A Bhangarwala is selling paper dish which was sold by him to me. And after few second my business Neighbor Mr. Anurodh Dube Phoned Me on my Mobile that my godown situated at Shop no. 2, New Veena Co-Op. Hsg. Soc. Ltd. Veer Savarkar Nagar, Vasai Road (West) Namely Arpit trading Co. is looted by breaking Grill of Window of his godown. And His godown is also looted At That time I was at Girij Village to see my friend who was sick. I came back as soon as possible and check the godown I found all the goods were stolen there is nothing remains. Then I went to Manickpur police station With Anurodh Dube and narrated full incident to duty Hawaldar, and Requested Him Register F. I. R. He Told Sr. P. I. has ordered us not to register F.I.R on Performa Register we can take down your complaint on plane Register (which is illegal) but we co-operated to duty Hawaldar, and my complaint is noted on Plane Register. And after That Duty hawaldar told me you Come Tomorrow by 11 A. M.

On Next Day i.e. 31/03/2010 we again went Manickpur Police station to meet duty Hawaldar, He told us you go at crime Branch at Ambadi Naka to meet Mr. Shinde. We did the same, and I told Mr. Shinde about Incident. He told to bring your four wheeler will go at Navjeevan where The Bhangarwala was. I took My wagon R And Mr. Shinde, Mr. Nalawade, Mr. Patkar, Mr. Dhotre Along with Myself Went to Navjeevan Vasai East, Then Mr. Shinde told You call your supplier , I phoned him And he meet me at Dhuri resorts NavJeewan To show Bhangarwala . Then He came with us and shown godown of bhangarwala, there was one Mr. Vijay he admitted that he brought stolen property and sold to this man (supplier) but the stolen goods was sold by another bhangarwala to him at Vasai road (west), and he was ready to


Show that bhangarwala. Accordingly He came with us and shown another bhangarwala at Vishal nagar Vasai (West), and then Police started his enquiry And Bhangarwala whose age was approximate 20 Years Admitted that he has stolen articles in his possession few of them are fired and few of them sold out. Then police took both Bhangarwala accused to crime Branch with Recovery of stolen property. And Police started Enquiry to 2nd Bhangarwala He told to police that There was three more person when these article was stolen , I can Identify The main accused if I see them. Then Mr. Shinde Told me that he has to register F. I. R. officially .He required my statement I was ready. He started to record my statement which was being write by Mr. Nalawde as per dictation given by Mr. Shinde My Stolen article was approximate value of Rs. 90000/ And Mr. Anurodh; s was Rs.35000/ But Mr. Shinde Denied to write the actual amount and told me Sr. told us Register robbery below 1 lakh. I protest them He told balance figure he will take in next statement. We agreed because we were to Co-operate the police in investigation. And completed my statement then added Mr. Anurodh Dubes statement in one and told that He will club both matter in one F.I.R. After recording my statement he took my signature and told to come Manickpur Police station for registering my F.I.R. We went Manickpur police station and duty hawaldar took my signature on Performa F.I. R. Register at 5 places on 4 pages and each column was empty and told me you go with shinde because we have lot of investigation, and copy of F.I.R. you will get tomorrow when it filled properly (I was aware that it is illegal process but having no option I Follow the same), And we went Back to crime branch. There after Mr. Shinde, Mr. Nalwade along with myself with 2nd accused bhangarwala went for spot identification with spot panchanama and at the spot accused identified each and every thing in addition to this he told there was 3 more person who gave him all stolen property after theft and told few identification of one of them accused person accordingly we shown him two photograph he identified to one as prime accused out of two photograph And person was known as Melwin furtado. then Mr. Shinde told entire story to his Sr. On mobile , then his Sr. Instructed him come to Police station with photo along with accused and complainant to show Sr. P.I. Mr. Ashok Pawar. We went there he took us before Sr. P. I. After watching photo graph he told I know this person, no crime will be register against him and you go we will see what to do. After listening this type of word from his Sr. P.I., s Mouth all are came out and started to close matter as no case against any accused all are recovered stolen goods was lying at crime Branch without Panchnama and both accused was at crime branch without official arrest. And we went home. And today i.e. 1/4/2010 while writing this complaint letter Mr. Anurodh Dube informed me that hawaldar told him “you take stolen property because Sr. P. I. told him to rafa-dafa entire matter and they have released one accused and not going to arrest to prime accused to Melwin furtado, and no further investigation will be carried out to identify two unknown more accused whom accused no 2 is telling.

Whatever we have written here in above are correct & true, and if your good office will ask to submit entire thing on affidavit I am ready to give it.

Therefore you are requested to order to register crime against all accused along two unknown with one identified by 2nd accused Bhangarwala as Melwin furtado and arrest them and matter may be investigated properly and may be proceeded as per law.

Therefore you are requested to register my complaint against guilty and take necessary action in the matter and protect myself from any false complaint by him or his aide.

I hope you will do the need full & oblige.

Thanking You,
Yours faith fully,

Ashok Verma
(Social Activist)
Place: Vasai
Date: 01/04/2010

C.C. To,

1 – The Director General Of police, Maharashtra (With Request to take necessary action in the matter)

2- The Home Minister of Maharashtra Government, Maharashtra (With Request to take necessary action in the matter)”

And also write a Complaint letter dated 6/4/2010 to Director General of police Maharashtra as Follows:

“Ashok S. Verma
Arpit Trading Co.
Shop No. 02, New Veena Co-Op. Hsg. Soc. Ltd.
Veer Sawarkar Nagar, Vasai Road (West),
Dist. Thane, Maharashtra, 401202, India

The Director General of Police
Maharashtra, Mumbai

Kind. Attn. Mr. A. N. Roy

Sub. : Complaint of Sr. P. I. Ashok Pawar & Duty Officer Sub. Inspector Patil Posted at Manikpur Police station Under Thane Rural Police, Maharashtra for Not Discharging Their Duty & Criminal indulgence, Corruption.

Dear Sir,

I Ashok S. Verma Residing at G/ 6-7, Parshant Co-op. Hsg Soc. Ltd. Near Gayatri Temple, Om Nagar, Vasai Road (West), Dist. Thane, Maharashtra engaged in Business as well as in social activity, And in spite of complaint given to Manikpur police station No action was taken by duty officer by telling me that Sr. P.I. Told me not to send police with him after my several request that Melwin furtado along with antisocial elements are breaking My lock and removed my articles along with Sign board on my shop No. 02 New Veena Co-Op. Hsg Soc. Ltd. Veer Sawarkar Nagar, Vasai Road (West), Dist. Thane, Maharashtra 401202. After not getting help from Manikpur Police Station, I tried to ADL. S.P. Mr. Pathare on His Mobile Phone No. 09920197197 at About 6.52 P. M. on 06-04-2010 But I am sorry to say that He did not pick up The Phone It was ringing and ringing with no reply. Thereafter I connected twice to Dy. S.P. Mr. Devraj on his Mobile No. 9823160062 at 06.54 P.M. on 06/04/2010 but it was not reachable. But Morning at about 11.00 A. M. when I was met Mr. Devraj I told my doubt about lock breaking he told that I am going Mantralay urgently you come Tomorrow Then we will see. Finally no police Help given to me and antisocial elements succeeded in their criminal game plan with the help of Sr. P.I. Ashok Pawar, Manikpur Police station.

Therefore you are requested that an enquiry may be initiated against Mr. Ashok Pawar Sr. P.I. Manikpur As well as against Mr. Patil Sub. Inspector (Duty Officer) By C.I.D.Branch out of thane District for indulgence in criminal activity or corruption and not discharging their duty. And Till then they may be suspended /transfer from Duty as they can influence investigation by using their higher post.


We hope you will do the needful for want of justice and to secure Law and Order in the state Particularly in Vasai. & Oblige.

Thanking You,

Yours faith fully,

Ashok Verma

Place: Vasai
Date: 06/04/2010

Enclosed. : Xerox Copy Of complaint dated 06/04/2010 address to Sr. P.I. Manikpur under Thane rural Police.

C.C. To,
1 – The Director General of anti corruption Bureau of Maharashtra (With Request to take necessary action in the matter)

2- The Home Minister of Maharashtra Government, Maharashtra (With Request to take necessary action in the matter)

3 – The Home Minister of Government of India New Delhi (With Request to take necessary action in the matter)”

And it is also to bring your kind notice that After giving ample time to take action on officers of Maharashtra Police ( Concern with Thane Rural Police ) and not found any positive result, I decided to go on indefinite hunger Strike Before Tahsildar & Executive Magistrate Of Vasai Taluka District Thane from 15/04/2010 and intimated them vide my letter dated 7/4/2010, to invite their personal attention in the matter I started my agitation from 15/04/2010 to 02/05/2010 ,But No action was taken in the matter then I shifted my agitation Before Addl. S.P. Vasai on 3rd may 2010. On 4/5/2010 he ordered enquiry in the matter and on 22/5/2010 my complaint was found correct and an incomplete F.I.R. was registered under no. 00/2010 in Vasai Police station and subsequently it was transferred to Manikpur police station and registered F.I.R. No. I 170/2010 but the police failed to register F.I.R. as per my Complaint letter dated 22/5/2010 & 23/5/2010 and on my verbal protest was told that they will cover mistakes in F.I.R. In further investigation.

But during investigation I. O. Mr. B. S. Pardeshi P.S.I. of Virar Police station denied to record my statement against Police and told, his Sr.P.I. Mr. Y.R. Bagwan who told the same then I met New S.P. Thane Rural Mr. Vishwas Nagre Patil and told entire complaint he told that he will not record any Statement or F.I.R. Against police personnel and he did the same, then I decided to protest for Not initiating action even after a long duration of more than Five Months of the date of Crime , as well as Not Full Filling Promises Made By Ex. Superintendent Of Police Thane Rural Mr. Madhukar Panday At The Office Of addl. S.P. Vasai on 21/5/2010 at about 6.20 PM After Having 39 days agitation Including 9 days Hunger Strike. (Kindly See My Letter Dated 23-05-2010 Addressed To Addl. S.P. Vasai) and once again I was forced to go on One day agitation (Hunger strike) on 15-08-2010 (Independence Day) before The S. P. Thane Rural outside the Office of S.D.P.O. Vasai, as well as One Day agitation (Hunger strike) on 08/09/2010 before I.G. Konkan Range but no action is being taken in the matter Only False assurance are being Made. And Once Again on 10/11/2010 I was forced to proceed on agitation i.e. one day hunger strike outside the office of The Director General of Police Maharashtra to remind him to take action against All Culprits as per Judgment Given By Hon, ble Supreme Court In the case of Lalita Kumari Vs Govt. Of Uttar Pradesh and Ors. Reported in (2008) 7 SCC 164, and by the Full Bench of Hon’ble High Court Bombay in the case of Panchabhai Popat Bhai Butani and Ors. Vs State of Maharashtra And Others, Reported at 2010(1) Mh.L.J. Page No. 421, as well as Circular Issued by Office of the D.G. Law & Order Maharashtra Vide Their Letter No. R-28 Dated 1-9-2008.

On 26/01/2011 I also had One day agitation Before Hon,ble President of India , at Janter Manter , New Delhi, But no use of it as no action have been initiated till date , as such president Secretariats are not bothered to read contents of the letter.

Then I gave one application Under RTI act. I came to know A Report Has been send To S.P. Thane Rural on 13/8/2010 vide Jawak Kr. : Vachak / Vachai/Po Ni/6582/2010 By S.D.P.O. Vasai, In report he confirmed My maximum allegations as per my letter Dated 1/4/2010 & 6/4/2010 and Found Guilty the police Officers and Recommended Legal action On guilty Officer and also admitted Recovery Of stolen goods Value of Rs. 50000/- As well as Copy of Reports By Addl. S.P. Vasai dated 15/08/2010 And S.P. thane Rural dated 2/8/2010/11/12/2010 confirm the same But no action is being initiated against Guilty Police Officers and Sr. Officer are trying to destroy the matter by passing time and to harass me .

And On 13/8/2010 One Accused Of F.I.R. No. I 170/2010 arrested and shown recovery of Goods of value of Rs. 2600/- on 16/8/2010 on remand report of the Investigation Office, inspite of this Report of S.D.P.O. Vasai says Recovery of goods Approximate Rs. 50,000/-

And also I came to Know that My signature are rubbed on F.I.R, register by putting white ink on the same in order to destroy the evidences for which I have submitted a detail affidavit dated 07/01/2011 along with my letter dated 10/01/2011 to the Superintendent of police thane Rural For Registering F.I.R. But no action till date in the matter. Copy letter attached here with and marked as ANNEXURE: “A”

Thus they are helping accused as not registering F.I.R. And Destroying the Evidence in order to save Ex. Sr.P.I. Manikpur police station Mr. Ashok Pawar, Constable Subhas Goilkar, Constable S.S. Wagh, and P.S.I. Mr. Y.K. Chaure along With accused in F.I.R. No. I 170/2010 Of Manikpur as they are taking bribes and sharing it And Committed Crime , for not discharging their Basic Duties, Indulging in to corruption, Committing the crime under Sec. 217,218 Of IPC , Etc. ... As well as involve in Contempt Of Court by disobeying the order of the Hon'ble Supreme Court Passed in the Matter Of Lalita Kumari V/s Govt. Of Uttar Pradesh and ors Reported in (2008)7SCC 164, by following Officer and Minister of Govt of Maharashtra:

1. Mr. Ashok Pawar Ex. Sr. P.I. Manikpur Police Station (Thane Rural Police),
2. Mr. Y.R. Bagvan Sr. P.I. Virar Police Station,
3. Mr. B.S. Pardeshi P.S.I. of Virar Police Station,
4. Mr. Subhas Goilkar Constable of Manikpur Police Station,
5. Mr. S. S. Wagh Constable of ManikPur Police Station,
6. Mr. Y.K. Chaure P.S.I of Manikpur Police Station,
7. Mr. K.K. Bhadane Ex. Tahsildar and Executive Magistrate Vasai,
8. Mr. Deepak Devraj (M.P.S.) S.D.P.O. Vasai,
9. Mr. Dr. Sudhakar Pathare M.P.S. Ex. Addl. S. P. Vasai,
10. Mr. Fatehsing Patil Sr. P.I. L.C.B. Thane Rural Police,
11. Mr. Madhukar Panday IPS Ex. S.P. Thane Rural Police,
12. Mr. Vishwas Nagre Patil IPS Ex. S.P. Thane Rural Police
13. Mr. Abba Saheb Zarad IAS District Magistrate Thane,
14. Mr. Param Veer Singh IPS. IG Konkan Range,
15. Mr. A.N. Roy IPS EX. D.G. Of Maharashtra Police
16. Mr. D. Shivanandan IPS Ex. D.G. Of Maharashtra Police.
17. Mr. R.R. Patil Home Minister Of Maharashtra
18. Mr. Chandrakant Jadhav Sr. P.I. Manikpur
19. Mr. Ingle Sr. P.I. Colaba Mumbai Police.
20. Mr. Maruti Khedkar P.S.I. L.C.B. Thane

After Passing a long period on 15/11/2010 I addressed one Petition To Her Excellency President of India, to grant permission to prosecute above said officers And To seek protection From them Which is Registered on 15/11/2010 Vide No. PRSEC/E/2010/17605, And Very Next Day I was Informed That Petition Is Transferred to Secretary (AR and O&M) General Administration Dept., Govt. Of Maharashtra, after a weak when I contacted Concern department I am told& surprised to hear that it will take more than 90 days for reaching petition From Your Good Office to him. Further I manage to send copy of petition on 16/12/2010 to Mr. Nand Kumar Jantre (I.A.S.) Secretary (AR and O&M) General Administration Depts., Govt. Of Maharashtra, and same is acknowledged by them on 18/12/2010 But No action till date, It is nothing But to time pass in order to harass applicant as well as giving slow poison to Finish The Matter By above said Officer. As they know How Our Administration & Judiciary Works In our Country and They are taking Undue advantage of it for Making Money As well as Dictating Illegal Plans as Hitler By organizing Them Selves.

And They Or their Agent May involve themselves to Murder me, or murder may be converted in to false accident as well as they may arrest me in false cases, as I am being threatened through their agents. As you all being the responsible towards Constitution Kindly Protect My Life and liberty as well as fundamental Rights. And give the Permission to prosecute above mentioned officers in various Courts Of Law as I have sufficient Evidence Against them. And Please fulfill my Lawful Demands, If anything Happen to my life and Liberty The above mention officers May be held responsible For The same And After My murder or attempt to murder Adv. Robert Dabre will proceed On my Behalf as my authority.

In spite Of My lot of requests and agitations I was denied to deliver Justice By above said so called Public servants and feel that,

Whether our country has two Laws one for so called Public Servants another for Common Man?

And under Which Law Police are empowered To Investigate Matter without Registering the Crime?

And Why It will take more than 90 Days to reach Petition From Rastrapati Bhawan to office of The Secretary in General Administration of Govt. of Maharashtra?

And whether Law is equal for prosecuting above mention Public Servants as they have not discharged his basic Duties?

And what is option/ Remedy available Before General Public/Aam Aadmi when I.P.S., I.A.S. ,Politicians, Goondas , along with lower Judiciary (Up to District labels ) are club in hand and executing their illegal plans for snatching Money and saving each other ?

Justification statement for demand no. 1 is:

When I am as complainant would like to register F.I.R. and also having circumstantial evidence to show that Ex. P.I. Manikpur was Criminal conspirator in theft followed by taking illegal force full possession, as well as report dated 13/08/2011 of Sub. Divisional Police officer, Vasai (Dy. S.P.) submitted to The Addl. S.P. Vasai & S.P. Thane Rural police says that Ex. Senior P. I. Manikpur Mr. Ashok Pawar is guilty along with others, and same thing found in report of Addl. S.P. to S.P. Thane Rural and S.P. Thane Rural to Spl. Inspector general of Police, konkan Range. Then it is necessary that Demand No. 1 must be fulfilled as per law.

Justification statement for demand no. 2 is:

When it is established that Ex. Sr. P.I. is guilty then also above sr. Officers are protecting him as He is Big corrupt and posted at present As Sr. P.I. of Murbad Police station , Under Thane Rural Police and sharing Black Money to his Seniors and acting as dictator and making illegal money By breaking Law . Therefore Ex. Sr. P.I. Manikpur must be suspended followed by termination from service after following due process of Law.

Justification statement for demand no. 3 is:

Without proper statement of complainant one how can investigate matter as well as without registering case how can police officer investigate the matter and when applicant again and again informing the police officer about destruction of evidence but above said officer did not pay any heed to request of the complainant and fail to discharge their basic duties. As well as fail to answer the Question of Complainant in respect to the Crime.

Justification statement for demand no. 4 is:

No free and fair investigation was carried out by Police Officer, whatever action was done till date, just to save Criminal Ex. Sr. P.I. Manikpur Mr. Ashok Pawar as he was good black money manager along with other accused’s.

Justification statement for demand no. 5 is:

When S.D.P.O. Vasai, Addl. S.P. Vasai, and S.P. Thane Rural Police have found guilty to ex Sr. P.I. Manikpur then also any above said all officers are not keen to take action as per law Or interested to register F.I.R. in spite of many request from the complainant ,thus helping the accused and also involve in making black money, and doing illegal activity by legal way to keep happy their political bosses as well as goonda and don of underworld and advising the common man to approach the Court, with due respect to all Hon’ble Courts, I say that, because they know a common man cannot get order from the court in his life (as courts are delivering the judgments in average 15 years after the date of filing the case in the courts ). Kindly note that A senior Citizen (age approximate 70 Years) & social activist Mr. Panna lal S.S. approached Hon’ble Bombay High court in similar matter vide case No. 1533/2008, Hon’ble Bombay High Court rightly Directed to approach the magistrate court under sec. 156 (3) of Cr. P. C. and he did the same Under Cri. Case No.1300065/2010 but after passing a long time Hon’ble Magistrate fail to provide Justice as well as Manikpur Police fail to file single report in this case till date. After getting frusteted Mr. Panna Lal has Filed application for permission to commit suicide that is still pending as well as no Justice for him till date.

Further please also note a criminal syndicate has developed in our country by joining hands I.A.S., I.P.S. and politicians along with few big Business man and Gonads including few Judges up to lower court & District Court. I have concrete information about Mr. Param Veer Singh I.P.S. Spl. I.G. Konkan Range ,that he has worked & Working for gangster Chhota Rajan , Maximum encounter done by him during his tenure as D.C.P. Crime ,Mumbai Police as well as S.P. Thane Rural Police was feck and in order to snatch black money from the gangsters. And Ex. D.G.P. Maharashtra Mr. D. Shivanandan I.P.S. was also working for Chhota Rajan and has made Carores of Rs. As black money. When I started to gather evidence by using Right to information Act. It is being denied to give information in order to save each other and my applications are still pending in 2nd appeal since long back. And no Notice is issued till date.

Justification statement for demand No. 6 is:

Provision of Bombay police Act. Violating the fundamental right of Common public & govt. is misusing the act. Sply. Sec. 37(3) not to allow silent protest of a suffered man. In this regard once again I would like to bring Social activist & Sr. Citizen Mr. Panna Lal In picture; lots of case have been registered against him under this act. for making silence legal protest against in justice with him. And he got clean cheat in few cases and other or pending in court. And he is forced to fight his case his own as he has no money to give Advocates. And before a year Govt. Maharashtra took a decision to remove all cases under Bombay Police act. Pending in the courts of Politicians, but no one bothered about common Man. Therefore it is necessary to remove this act. As it is violating provision of constitution and snatching fundamental right of Common Man.

Justification statement for demand No.7, 8, 9, & 10 is:

As for concern of Sec. 19 of Prevention of corruption act. & Sec. 197 of Cr. P. C. it is violating the principal of equality of constitution of India. And public authorities are also misusing provision of the act. And I myself have requested for permission to prosecute the above said officers on 15/11/2010 from Hon’ble President of India but no action in the matter till date and every I.P.S. / I.A.S. officers are in try to save his friends, and corrupt officers are acting as per his own choice not as per Law and officers who are for public welfare are walking in A.C. cars and using AC offices from black money which not allowed to them. Therefore system must be changed. If we will go punish one culprit another will act same as earlier. A strict action required to show them that law is equal for everyone and common public is your actual boss.

Please note That My agitation Will be peace full with In Ambit Of Law and as per article 19 of constitution of India, But Corrupt Above named So called Public Servants And Their Agent may create Nuisance and Arrest Me in False cases as they Are working as Criminals In Uniforms, in that Situations My indefinite Hunger strike Will resume and I will Not apply for Bail and Hunger strike Will Continue in Jail also till my Lawful demands are fulfilled. And whatever I have stated about Judiciary it is depends upon facts and circumstances with due respect to all Hon’ble Courts.

Therefore you are requested to help to the common man by fulfilling his demands from which large section of general public will be benefitted.

I hope all of you will do the needful & oblige.

Thanking You,

Yours Faithfully

Ashok Verma

C.C. to, For Necessary action in the matter:

1. The S.D.P.O. Vasai
2. The Addl. S.P. Vasai
3. The S.P. Thane Rural Police, Thane.
4. The Spl. I.G. Police Konkan Range, C.B.D. Belapur, Navi Mumbai.
5. The Director General Police, Maharashtra police, Mumbai.
6. The Home Minister of Maharashtra, Mantraly, Mumbai
7. The Addl. Commissioner of Police, New Delhi (For Permission of Indefinite Hunger Strike)
8. The Commissioner of Police, New Delhi
9. Hon’ble President of India.
10. Hon’ble District Judge, Vasai
11. Hon’ble Chief Justice, Bombay High Court, Mumbai
12. The Home Secretary Govt. Of India, New Delhi
13. The Executive Magistrate, Vasai
14. The District Collector Thane
15. The Secretary Home Dept. Govt. of Maharashtra, Mantralay, Mumbai.

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